The Sutton and Epsom Bowls League

Sutton and Epsom League is a flat green bowls league with in which 11 bowls clubs play each other home and away.

The member clubs are listed below.  Click on the club name to go to the clubs own website.

Banstead Neville
Carshalton (Current Champions)
Epsom Court
Epsom Park
Ewell Village
Malden Manor
Rose Hill
Surbiton Royal British Legion (no website)
Sutton Common

The league is administered by Gerald Newman (of Malden Manor)
version: 3/7/2017


Please note, no reports will be emailed to member clubs this year.
Will clubs please notify members that S and E results are now on the web.

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Constitution and Rules

Revision 8 February 2017


1.           The League shall be known as "The Sutton and Epsom Bowls League" and shall comprise of no more than twelve clubs.

2.           Membership of the League will be by application and must have the approval of the majority of Member Clubs.

3.           The League is a Three Rink Men's League, (3 ladies, one per rink may play, if required, to make up the deficit of players)

4.           A Committee shall be formed consisting of one member from each Club, together with a Chairman, Secretary and Results Secretary.  These Officers may be appointed from the delegates or other Members of participating Clubs.  In the event of a vote, each delegate will have one vote.  In the event of a split vote the Chairman shall have the deciding vote.

5.           The Committee shall meet at such times as deemed necessary by the League Secretary.

6.           Rules of play: All matches to be played strictly in accordance with the current Laws of the Game.  Clubs to play each other Home and Away each season.  Teams to be of three rinks and Twenty one ends will be played.  The actual rinks to be played on will be decided by the home club.  The competing Skips will be randomly matched and the draw to decide the number of the rink on which each pair will play on will be made by a representative of the Visiting club.  Matches will be played on days mutually agreed between clubs.  Afternoon matches will commence at 2.30pm, but can be changed by mutual agreement.

7.           Method of scoring: Two points for an overall win.  One point for a Tie.  One point for each winning rink.  Half a point for a drawn rink.

8.           In the event of a match being abandoned at the Green Keepers discretion, the score will be taken if a minimum of fifteen ends have been completed by each rink, and the score will be taken from all completed ends.

9.           In the event of an abandonment before fifteen ends have been played, the clubs can re-arrange the match.  If this is not possible the points will be shared, two and a half points each.

10.        If within a period of 30 minutes from the agreed start time of a match one player is absent from one or both teams, the match shall proceed but, on any rink (or rinks), a side in default in this manner, shall be made up by the Lead and Two playing with three bowls each. At the end of the match, one third of the shots shall be deducted from their total rink score.  Fractions shall be taken into account.  A team may play with 3 players on only one rink.  If less than 11 players are available then the team concedes all points to their opponents.

If a game is called off due to weather conditions or a serious event (i.e., funeral etc) and the clubs concerned cannot agree an alternative date (for instance near end of the season) the points should be shared and the secretary immediately informed.   The shots shall be recorded as 0-0.

If a match is called off due to weather conditions or a serious event (i.e., funeral etc.)  and match secretaries then agree a replay date and the match is then called off by one of the participants because they cannot raise a team then the full 5 points should be conceded to the club willing to play. The secretary should immediately be informed by both captains.  The shots shall be recorded as 0 to the club that cannot play and 3 to the other club.

If a club cannot raise a team with the minimum number of players, on three occasions during the season, an Extraordinary General Meeting will be called and the matter discussed.  All clubs will be invited to attend

11.        A match can be rearranged by mutual agreement.  The Results secretary shall be informed.

12.        The home club is responsible for providing match refreshments, without charge to the visiting club; these will be normally be tea/coffee and biscuits.  Home clubs may provide more substantial refreshments at their own cost.

13.        The result card properly completed shall be returned by the Home Club to the Fixture Secretary as soon as possible.

14.        Any member who belongs to more than one League Club in a season, can only play for one Club in the League during that season.

15.        The Club with the highest number of points wins the League and shall hold the "Rose Hill" trophy for one year.  In the event of a tie on points the club with the best shot difference will be the winner.

16.        Matters of a controversial nature shall be decided by the Committee and their decision shall be final.

17.        An initial registration fee of Ten Pounds and an annual fee to be decided at the AGM shall be paid by each club for the coming year.  The League shall be financially self-supporting, however if an expense incurred in the administration of the League exceeds the subscription the deficiency shall be equally shared by the Member Clubs.

18.        Any proposed changes to the constitution and rules shall be sent to the Secretary 14 days before the AGM.  Any changes passed shall take effect immediately.