Development of The Clubhouse

Thank you Mark Smith & Micky Conrad-Banks for following the photographs

Prior to 1999 'Manor Park Ladies' and 'Malden and Coombe' Bowling Clubs (as they were then) shared the same Green and facilities as seen in the picture below. From left to right this consisted of a pavilion with limited changing facilities for the men, a small clubroom, a kitchen (projecting forward), two external 'Port-a-loos' and a wooden Ladies' Hut (this was burnt down by vandals and replaced with a brick-built one).

The Clubhouse before 1999

In 1999 under the Leadership of the late Tony Smith, Club members worked together to extend the Clubhouse to plans prepared by current Life Member, Mike Platt. Grants from 'The National Lottery' and  'Sports England' were supplemented by contributions from Club Members.The totally re-wired and re-plumbed extension included four changing rooms; also toilets for Men, Ladies and the Disabled. There was a much  larger clubroom and a secure bar. The re-built hut (no longer needed by the Ladies) was converted for equipment storage. The Port-a-loos were eventually removed, but are still shown on the photograph below (which was taken soon after the work had been completed).

The Extended Clubhouse 1999 to 2016

The extended Clubhouse was put to good use for a variety of Club activities. Club membership and Social events increased. In recent times the (now amalgamated) Malden Manor Bowling Club is hosting an increasing number of external fixtures, including County and District Events. More and more pressure was being placed on the Clubhouse area, and so after careful consideration, further expansion was deemed vital.  An expanded Clubhouse would also accommodate 'Short Mat Bowling.'

Fortunately Mike Platt's original plans had looked forward to the possibility of  further extension. New planning was put into motion, however, applications for grants towards them were not successful. Yet, through the generous donations of some anonymous Club Members the project was able to proceed. Professional help was necessary for the major construction work, however the hard work to complete the fixtures, fittings and decorating has been carried out by a dedicated team of Club Members.

The Newly Extended Clubhouse 2017

The clubhouse has been extended forward into the former area overhung by the roof. As the photographs below show, all the glazed doors and windows have been replaced with three sets of bi-fold doors which can be opened up to allow spectators to watch from inside. The area in front of the bi-fold doors has also been paved as a seating area for spectators. In addition the clubhouse floor has been laser-levelled to create a much sounder and more secure surface.

A few photographs of the work undertaken

The Clubhouse is cleared, ready for work to commence Captain Les tries to gag the 'Press'
(Newsletter Editor - Mark)

Foundations laid and paving work in progress    Outside windows in place
Old Windows removed
Chairman Micky & Site Manager Gordon
discuss progress     

A view of the new doors and glazing and the bi-fold doors demonstrated
The newly laid, level floor starting to dry

A view of the extended clubroom
Plaster-boarding in progress in readiness for plastering
Plastering done, decorating starts