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General Photographs

Christmas Carols & Quiz Evening 2017
Thank you Mark for these photographs


Presentation Dinner Dance
at Glenmore House Surbiton
Adapted from photgraphs by Bob Simmonds


Finals Days 2017
Photographs by Mark Smith
Held on Saturday 9th & Suday 10th September
For results see the 'Finals' page, for presentation photographs, see the 'Award Snaps' page

The weather was kind to start with and supporters enjoyed watching from outside.

And then a bitter wind drove many spectators inside, to make use of the new, glazed, bifold doors, for more comfortable viewing.

Surrey Leopard Award 2017
Photograph by Tony J.

Surrey President Derek, Senior Vice-President Roger and Junior Vice-President Peter
Came to the Saturday Finals Day to confer the Surrey Leopard Award on David Smith
 in recognition of his long-term, outstanding contribution to the running of
Malden Manor BC (& formerly Malden & Coombe BC)

Presented on September 9th 2017

Dave Smith receives the Leopard Award Certificate from President of Surrey County B.A. Derek Harvey

Crown Green Bowling Day 2017
(without the crown)
Thank you Mark Smith for this year's Crown Green photographs

On Saturday  September 2nd, Malden Manor BC held its fourth Crown Green Bowling Day, run by former Crown Green Bowler - Granville Spencer. Although it isn't feasible to introduce a crown to our green for these occasions, a whole day's tournament is held, with dress code waived, using appropriate mats and biased jacks. The mat can end up anywhere on the green, depending upon where the jack from the previous end finished. Four singles matches (with two bowls per bowler) are usually played on the green in each round. The green is usually crowded, bowls are sent in all directions and collisions occur from time to time.

In these photographs, those around the green are not just bystanders they are markers who are giving help to the bowlers.


Crown Green Presentations By President Angy
Organiser Granville wins the Premier Cup
Tony Josolyne is the Runner -up
Captain Les Smith wins the Consolation Championship Plate

Men's Captain v Vice Captain Match 2017

Thanks for these photographs Mark

The Captains Team

The Vice-Captain's Victorious Team

Match over Captain Les has his say


Unfortunately there are no photographs of the Ladies Captain v Vice Captain's Day - the match was rained off
but that didn't spoil their day, which continued with games in the Clubhouse.

Mark tries out the newly purchased Green Ironer

Thanks for this photograph Mark


2017 Club Bowls Tour to Torquay Sunday July 9th - Saturdaay July 15th

Click here to see the Club's Torquay Tour Photographs by Bob
Click here to see the Club's Torquay tour photographs by Mark


Hosting the Surrey U25 Home Counties Match v Oxfordshire

Thank you Mark for these photographs

Also see snaps on the Youth Section pages

Open Day May 20th 2017

Photographs by Tony J

2017 Opening Drive - 22nd April 2017

Photographs by Mark S

2017 Pre-Season Social
The Grand Opening of our Newly-Extended Clubhouse
Note. For information and pictures of the
extension development work please click here

Photographs by Mark S & Tony J


New Year's Eve - 'Funny Hat' Theme
Thank you Bob Simmonds for these New Year's Eve snaps


The December Carols Evening

Thank you Mark Smith for these Carols Evening snaps

The Men's December Christmas Meal
Thank you Bob Simmonds for these Men's Xmas Meal snapssnaps

The December Grand Prix Night
Thank you Bob Simmonds for these Grand Prix Night snaps

Bob Ward Presents A Wind-Blown Racing-Car Evening

Making the models

Trying them out

And getting the rewards.

The November Beetle Drive
Thank you Mark Smith for these Beetle Drive snaps