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Club New Year's Eve 2018/19
Arabian Nights Fancy Dress Party
Thank you Micky C-Banks  for these photographs

President Dave
The Fancy Dress Display
The Conga

The Mummy-wrapping Competition
 John: Best-dressed man
Annette: Best dressed Lady

Club New Square Dancing Evening
Hosted by Granville
Thank you Roy Walton for these photographs

Club Presentation Dinn
er Dance at Glenmore House , Surbiton, October 19th
Thank you Bob Simmonds for these snaps


Bowling Trip to Portugal
October 2018

Thank you Roy Walton for these photographs selected from your holiday snaps

Crown Green Bowling Day 2018
(without the crown)
Thank you Mark Smith for this year's Crown Green photographs
On Saturday  September 1st, Malden Manor BC held its fifth Crown Green Bowling Day, run by former Crown Green Bowler - Granville Spencer. Although there is no crown on our green, a whole day's tournament is held, with dress code waived, using appropriate mats and biased jacks. The mat can end up anywhere on the green, depending upon where the jack from the previous end finished.
In the early rounds four singles matches (each with two bowls per bowler) are played at the same time,  so the green is crowded, bowls are sent in all directions and collisions occur from time to time.

The jack at the back is only a little smaller than the bowls
The blue disc is the mat and 'dress code' is relaxed for the day
Granville in action

Where has the jack gone? Markers wait for the next bowls to arrive

The whole green is in use even with only 2 semi-finals in play
Spectators include eliminated players.


Dave & Carole -  Championship Plate Finalists
Ray & Granville Premier Finalists

Crown Green Presentations by President Angie

Dave Wins the Championship Plate
Ray is the Premier Runner-up
Granville is the Premier Champion

Congratulations to
The Ladies' Triples Team who succeeded in reaching the Finals at Leamington

Selected & adapted from photographs sent by Mark & Liz
Carole, Lynda & Liz

Ladies' Captain v Vice Captain Match - Players 2018
Thank you Bob & Mark for this Photograph

Men's Captain v Vice Captain 2018
Thank you Bob for these photographs

Captain Granville's Team

Vice Captain Gerald's Team

Christmas Carols & Quiz Evening 2017
Thank you Mark for these photographs